The Industry’s Golden Boy is Caught Sniffing Cocaine on Hollywood Blvd!

The golden statuettes will be handed to lucky winners this Sunday but before the festivities begin, there will be some indulgence to help usher in the spirit of Hollywood’s most famed institution.


Plastic Jesus, a street artist known for controversial fare decided to create a scene reminiscent of the drug-infused Wolf of Wall Street and it is an absolute gem.

The larger-than-life Oscar statuette dominating Hollywood Boulevard is impessive enough but the kicker is the fact that he’s kneeling into lines of cocaine.

The potent display of bad behavior is situated right where the action will be and it is another illustration of what Jesus is trying to convey about the drug problem that has consistently paralyzed members of the industry’s elite.

A year ago there was another installation that featured the Golden Boy with a needle in his arm, which was aimed at highlighting the plight of Philip Seymour Hoffman who had just tragically died of a drug overdose.

This time, the motivation continues to be seeped in exposing the drug culture of Hollywood by reminding those with big dreams of the darkness that comes with all that glitter.

Nick Stern, a photographer who frequently collaborates with Jesus, summed it up best, “This piece is intended to draw attention to Hollywood’s hidden problem of drug addiction that effects hundreds of people in the showbiz industry and is largely ignored until the death of a high profile A list celebrity”.