Steve McQueen’s Next Film Will Be “Heist” Flick

12 Years a Slave nabbed best picture at this year’s Oscars and famed director, Steve McQueen is ready to tackle his next project which will reportedly be a heist thriller based on the popular British series, Widows.



According to The Hollywood Reporter, McQueen was fan of Widows during its run in the 80’s and has been waiting for the opportune time to adapt it to the big screen.

He will be teaming up again with New Regency, the same company that financed and produced his Oscar-winning film. Iain Canning and Emile Sherman who both garnered best picture honors for The King’s Speech will also serve as producers.

The film’s title will most likely be re-worked but the storyline should adhere to the crux of what the series was about. The pilot depicted the killing of three armed robbers during a botched heist, and their widows who end up following in the footsteps, with the aid of the blueprint of the crimes they left behind.

McQueen is hoping to produce an updated slicker version that will be set in an American city with four widows.

Casting is still being explored and it will be interesting to see if McQueen continues the tradition of relying on the roster of talent he prefers to utilize. If that happens – we can be sure that Michael Fassbender and Lupita Nyong’o will be courted for lead roles.