Trendy Fashion Report: Designer Oscar de la Renta dies at 82

Illustrious fashion designer Oscar de la Renta who was fondly recognized as the “King of Evening” took his final bow on Monday after a long battle with cancer. He was 82 years old.

The famed designer at New York Fashion Week this past February


De La Renta was one of the few who managed to sustain a highly successful and enviable career in an industry that can be unforgivably flighty. His ability to produce whimsically refined confections with touches of fantastical elements mixed in with functional elegance set him apart from the pack and garnered him a solid following from his celebrity clientele.

From actress Penelope Cruz to former First Lady Hillary Clinton, De La Renta was in high demand and he consistently delivered. His supreme precision never wavered, perhaps his love for the female form and his artistic background (he studied art in Spain during his youth) helped to dictate his instincts.

Nevertheless, De La Renta was one of the most sought after designers until the very end and the last man standing from an era that still remains dutifully influential. His most recent high-profile stint was supplying newly wed Amal Clooney with her custom wedding gown. He was also managed to wow his revelers with his exquisite collection for Fall 2014 at New York Fashion Week this past February.

De La Renta’s passing is a definite blow for the fashion industry at large, but it is also the perfect incentive to celebrate the life and extraordinary career of a man who clearly enjoyed unleashing his talent on the world. Surely, his legacy will be a thriving testament to the essence of what perfecting a specific art form really means