Trendy TV Report: Director Steve McQueen Nabs His Lead for HBO Pilot

HBO seems to be on it’s way back from creative hiatus as it enlists the help of 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen for a new pilot, Codes of Conduct.

The logline seems to hint at the very themes that helped make Six Degrees of Separation starring a much younger and less experienced Will Smith a critical success.


Codes of Conduct follows the social manifestations of a young African-American man from Queens played by newcomer Devon Terrell, as he expertly charms his way into Manhattan’s tight knit high society, while also harboring an inconsistent past.

The character, Beverly Snow is categorized as a man of many talents layered with elements of ambiguity, which gives him the ability to gain access to a lifestyle that is typically reserved for a particular set of Manhattanites. The series will showcase how he is able to re-invent his persona in ways that make him suitable for the vibrant instances that test his level of adaptability and versatility.

McQueen who is marking his first foray into television is executive producer, he also co-wrote the script and is scheduled to direct the pilot.

Based on the richness of the lead character, it sounds like a job for a talented actor with a lot of energy and charisma, and based on his background, McQueen may have stumbled upon a winner with the casting of Terrell. The Long Beach, California native spent his formative years in Perth, Australia and studied at Edith Cowan University. He also answered the call when the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia offered him a spot.

No word yet on when  Codes of Conduct will air but it sounds like it will be worth the wait!