Trendy Fashion Report: Paris Fashion Week – Christian Dior Spring 2013


It was quite eventful to behold the offerings summoned by Raf Simons who was recently installed as the resident designer for famed fashion house Christian Dior.


The opulent parade was held at the courtyard of the Hotel National des Invalides and it proved to be a visually stunning arcade.

It was a heavenly endowment of orchestral pleasantries for the attendees who were met with a graceful reception and a dynamically fevered production.

The French have always had a penchant for presenting themselves in a way that encourages a second look and The House of Dior is the ringleader in this quest for world domination in the most fashionable category.

The collection was spectacular and drenched in primitively sedate hues with aftershocks of luminous threading dashed into the frays.

The main compartments consisted of silkily refined interiors and seductive exteriors executed for the sole purpose of propelling the message that the female form needs to be aggressively worshipped.

It was an encompassing facilitator as each piece evoked an appreciation for the numerous dwellings where they would comfortably dwell resolutely, without hindrance.

As the French eloquently proclaim – Mais Oui!