Cover Trends – Angelina Jolie Strikes a Daring Pose for Time Magazine


Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of the world’s most respected and revered figures in an industry that is constantly churning out younger versions of now aging ingénues.

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The woman who allegedly stole Brad Pitt from his then spouse Jennifer Aniston, has managed to utilize her otherworldly good looks and effortless charisma to champion global causes closest to her heart. Her vibrant journey and unquenchable desire to shine the light on the unfortunate ones has been her compass and is clearly what inspired her need to create a den filled with her immaculately diversified clan.

Everything the stunning actress and roving ambassador does gathers attention on a scale that very few celebs are able to garner, so it’s no surprise that when it was announced earlier this week that she had secretly undergone a preventive double mastectomy, her fans across the world offered a dignified pause.

Her mission is simple; to share her experience as the daughter of a mother who died too young of ovarian cancer and left her with a legacy laced with possibilities that could have a crippling effect on her and her young family. After testing positive for the breast cancer gene BRCA1, it became harrowingly clear that her only option was to take drastic measures in order to escape the consequences that would likely befall her if she ignored the glaring truth. The truth being that she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer if she refused to have the surgery. The aftermath is a much more encouraging report, since she now only has a 5% chance of developing the disease.

The Angelina Effect will guarantee that more women will be actively seeking out advice from their physicians to ensure that their lifespan isn’t hampered by faulty genetic coding.

Her ability to initiate trends is a special gift that she has adequately mastered throughout her career; hopefully her latest endeavor will be the ultimate domino effect.