Trendy Fashion Report: Paris Fashion Week – Vivienne Westwood Spring 2013


All hail the Queen! Designer British designer Vivienne Westwood always her pieces laced with patriotic symbolism and after the London Olympics, we can totally see why she is stir crazy for her homeland.


And that’s why it makes total sense that she chose the lavish residence of the British ambassador to host her immaculately executed show. Westwood is an underground Cinderella who enjoys the refined eccentrics encased in vampy fanciful capsules. The ebbing of British pride is always accompanied with edgy doll-like reverence making her latest collection a continuation of her homage to all things HIP.

She delivered her staple offerings in the form of her much beloved corset dresses and statement mantels, but her titled presentation, Climate Revolution echoed sentiments bordering on exquisite ease when it comes to garnering the right kind of attention.

You can be comfortably chic and stylishly avant-garde without looking like you paid the ultimate price for being so annoyingly perfect.

Westwood has masterfully disarmed the code – all it took was a mercurial mutation.