Trendy Fashion Report: Dior Haute Couture Fall 2014

Designer Raf Simons has never shied away from his need to incorporate old world sensibilities with modern day offerings. His latest collection charmingly adheres to his signature themes in a refreshingly welcoming way.



The patterns, the silhouettes, the fine-toothed embroidery were all encased in bold color schemes that seemed to find the perfect balance between arctic fare and earthy undertones with splashes of regal tints. It was a solid message that echoed Simons’ desire to manipulate seasonal templates in order to revive the wonderment of historical references.

The stage was strategically set and ready to receive the models, as they dominated the runway, evoking the pristine confinements of the 18th-Century lasses, in the form of immaculately positioned corsets and voluminous skirts supported by admirably cinched waists. There were other variations of this stylized requirement, and they flowed through the nicely structured dresses and impeccably garnered jumpsuits and pant suits that boasted levels of savoir-faire in their execution.

It was a delightfully majestic showing, complete with all the trimmings and luxury accompaniments. We were given an awesome parade of generously laden winter coats that were built to effortlessly shield from head to toe in a monotonically glamorous way. There was also a homage to the heady sixties in the form of a purposely strewn fringe dress.

In the end, Simons passed the test with flying colors by directing his army of warriors to elegantly conquer the fashion landscape, utilizing the key elements that no woman can live without. To step out in style without the integral compartments that form the basics of sophistication can be a discouraging move, but with a closet filled with Dior, you can rest assured that your entrance and exit will be dutifully rewarded.