Trendy Fashion Report: Milan Fashion Week – Versace Spring 2013


Donatella Versace has never been one to shy away from overtly sexual implications and this time around she chose an even more visceral approach when executing her delightfully euphoric collection.


The cuts and shags were diminutively provocative with heavy doses of aligned forces, including shavings of laces, leather supports and rustled silk blends. The color scheme was magnificently luminous and flavorfully appealing, creating a mural of  vibrant pleasantries.

There were reminiscent tidings that filtered through the scope of the pieces, most dominate was the nod to the period of the 70’s when intrinsic narcissism helped propel the burgeoning artists of that era.

The entire collection benefitted greatly from weightless sensuality and intricately faceted toppings that all provided the right remedy for a damsel seeking complete control in an effortless way.