Trendy Fashion Report: Versace Men’s Spring 2013


The men were having their time on the Runways of Milan and judging by the collection courtesy of Versace, there is no such thing as too much fun!

In true Versace style, the amplifiers were blaring and the dramatics were heightened beyond reach as the models symbolicallystrutted down displaying their finest and ready to conquer the world in full regalia. The pieces ranged from gladiator style ensembles to flashy aquatic hued supports that recalled seductive scenes in South Beach.

It was an eye-popping production filled with a heavy dose of macho vibrancy encased in toned muscled templates that were more than able to match the high octane energy in the air.

Some of the exaggerated details were a bit overwhelming; but that’s the only way to boost the coherence of unbridled flamboyancy played against the dominance of male power.

Only Donatella Versace can give birth to such an iconic superhero!