Mad Men Returns with a Bang

The savvy drama Mad Men, conquered the air waves last Sunday after an uncomfortably long hiatus. The two hour premiere re-launched the campaign for a show that despite its popularity, seemed to struggle to find a steady rhythm amidst all the praise and accolades.

The four time Emmy winner for best drama, lived up to the hype when the gang from the hippest decade ever wowed us again with their special brand of individuality and endless complexities.

The Ad agency is still the mothership, and the inhabitants including protagonist Don Draper, who is now married to his former secretary, and Peggy, the formidable female version of the dapper Draper, are still in survival mode , trying to navigate through the now turbulent 60’s.

The writing is superb and the acting top notch. Its pretty obvious that this is simply the best show on TV. Cling to AMC for all the goodies to come this brand new season.