Trendy Report: Whitney Houston’s Homegoing Service

The New Hope Baptist Church was ablaze with spiritual awakening and celebratory countenance as family and friends delighted in the sheer beauty and miracle that was Whitney Houston.

Cissy Houston, the late singer’s mother decided against a more elaborate and public sendoff and opted instead to honor her daughter in a more intimate and meaningful way. There was no hint of the mini-freak show that surrounded fellow icon Michael Jackson back in 2009, this time it was all about dignity, elegance and gratitude.

Houston’s roots have always been in the Church, where she first showcased her incredible voice and today, she was welcomed back with arms wide open.

The weather was stunningly beautiful and provided the perfect backdrop for all the festivities inside the fitting venue, as one by one, tributes were paid, and her favorite songs were performed by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and R.Kelly, and Cece Winans among others. Actor Kevin Costner gave an emotionally charged speech recalling the evolution of The Bodyguard, the flick they both starred in and how he was sold on the idea that Houston was the perfect choice to play the role that would ultimately change her life forever. Director Tyler Perry also shared his vivid memories of a woman that he adored and respected.

It was a moving service that demonstrated the immense love a mother has for her child and also how cherished and loved Whitney Houston really was, and the fact that she will undoubtedly be embedded in the hearts of those who knew her best forever.

Aside from the Bobby Brown fiasco, which stemmed from him turning up with a large entourage that couldn’t be accommodated and resulted in him storming out, the whole event was a beautiful love story with God as the main character.

If anyone ever denied or disputed the power of the church and its devoted followers, watching the service today is sure to challenge any unbeliever.

Even in death, Whitney Elizabeth Houston still manages to leave the world speechless and stunned beyond words.

It is so hard to accept the fact that she is no longer with us, but we can take comfort in the fact that THE VOICE will never be silenced.

She will always be OUR GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.