Trendy Fashion News – Tom Ford and Tamara Mellon

Tom Ford and Tamara Mellon are headlining our fashion news trend – Ford might be the next designer to collaborate with H&M.

 Nothing has been confirmed yet and H&M’s creative adviser, Margareta van den Bosch isn’t opposed to the idea and thinks that Ford would add that necessary oomph to the brand. But she admits that nothing has been done to facilitate the deal. So as of now it remains just a fantasy.

But the one news item that can’t be disputed is former Jimmy Choo mainstay, Tamara Mellon’s departure from the shoe empire. Mellon resigned amid speculation that she was looking to spread her wings and focus on building her own brand. Sources also say that after the transaction this past May that involved Labelux, a luxury good company acquiring Jimmy Choo, Mellon’s prestige waned a bit. She was ultimately forced to become a salaried employee, and obviously after years of financial decadence, that proved to be a hard pill to swallow.

It will be interesting to watch what direction the wind will blow the budding entrepreneur.