Versace and H&M Partner Up

Bold and Beautiful would be an accurate description of the Versace for H&M collection hitting stores in the U.S. Nov. 19th.

It’s an invitation to swim in the glamorous pool without the fear of drowning, thanks to the affordable price tag. One of the most inspirational pieces in the collection, a studded leather dress will only cost you $299, and that is the most money you can expect to shell out. The accessories are also a bargain, from the leggings ($29.95) to the costume jewelry ($19.95) and the must have item of the season, a pair of high-heeled boots sporting the lace-up detail ($149); you will definitely find something worth your buck.

This much lauded collaboration is the perfect way to make one of the world’s most luxurious design houses within reach for fashionholics on a budget. All the pieces including the new home décor collection that will feature, pillows ($29.95) and bedspread ($149) are intricately stamped with the signature prints, palettes and silhouettes that consistently keep Versace lovers salivating.

The men’s collection also boasts an impressive array of goodies like nicely tailored sleek suits ($149 for the pants and $59.95 for the jacket) in unexpectedly bright hues like fuchsia pink and a dose of” jungle fever” with the leopard print briefs making their debut. Looks like the guys definitely have something to be thankful for this Christmas!

November 8th is the day H&M will celebrate the unveiling of the Versace collection in New York. Champagne bottles will be popped and there will be a fashion show and in-house boutique set up for those who are ready to start stalking up before the official day.

H&M has collaborated with other designers in the past, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney and Viktor & Rolf to name a few but we have a feeling this particular project will live up to the hype.