Filmmaker Nikiyatu Jusu Talks “Ma”George”


Being African is in! According to budding filmmaker Nikiyatu Jusu who has amassed quite an impressive resume, including her acclaimed short film Say Grace Before Drowning, which made its feature debut on HBO this past February. Not a bad way for this recent NYU Film School grad to make her entre into the competitive world of filmmaking. Raised in Atlanta, GA but born to Sierra Leonean parents, Jusu is determined to help tell those stories that not only elevate the African culture but also serve as template for people that are not necessarily peppered with diversity. We met up with her during the casting session for “Ma’George”, a new project being helmed by another rising star in the film world, Andrew Dosunmu who has enjoyed a remarkable career as a fashion photographer after starting out as a design assistant for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent. He premiered his feature film Restless City at Sundance in January 2011 to rave reviews. The film depicts the challenges an African immigrant faces trying to assimilate into American society. Now he is poised to produce another hit with his latest venture “Ma’George”, a story that revolves around a young African woman who is trying to find balance between her culture and her new life in America.

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