HBO Officially Confirms The Return of Jon Snow to ‘Game of Thrones’

The shocking demise of actor Kit Harington’s Jon Snow on the HBO cult hit Game of Thrones shook up fans to the core and held social media hostage for weeks as everyone tweeted their horrified responses at the realization that their beloved character was murdered in cold blood by his trusted Night Watchmen.


As denial set in, some speculated that this was possibly a hoax, a way to get people riled up. There was no way Jon Snow could be dead.

It looks like the ones who held out hope for a miracle are being rewarded for their immense faith because based on the posters and the tweets supplied by HBO – there is every reason to believe that Jon Snow is in fact not dead which means Harington will be back to die another day.

The poster clearly depicts Jon Snow with a bloodied face, which signifies that he will be featured in some capacity. But how is this even possible? We clearly saw him get brutally stabbed and left for dead. Maybe dream sequences or scenes that predate his death are in order.

Either way – it is abundantly clear that Jon Snow will be a major player in the upcoming season and HBO couldn’t hide their excitement as they tweeted an image of the poster with the message: “April #GoTSeason6 #GameOfThrones”.

So there you have it. There is no denying the inevitable. Especially since back in July, Harington was spotted at an airport in Northern Ireland, which happens to be where the series is filmed. Once the pictures of him went viral, the rumors intensified.

Now that we are all breathless with anticipation – Let the Games begin!