Idris Elba Partners With BBC Youth Network to Produce Drama Shorts Featuring New Talent

British actor Idris Elba is certainly putting his words into action when it comes to lending his expertise to help revamp the deplorable state of affairs when it comes to people of color being given equal opportunity as their white counterparts to work in front and behind the camera in television and beyond.

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Looks like the issue of diversity isn’t just regulated to the shores of the United States. It’s a global wide glitch that will take a lot of effort to reverse but as long as Hollywood’s elite follows Elba’s lead – there is hope for generations to come.

The hunky star of film and TV gave a tour de force performance in Netflix’s first ever motion picture production – Beasts of No Nation, and despite all the critical acclaim heaped on the actor – he failed to garner an Oscar nomination.

But this hasn’t caused Elba any grief and if it has he has a very good way of hiding it. Instead, the part-time rapper and DJ is channeling his influence and expertise where it’s needed most by collaborating with BBC Three, The UK’s youth infused network with the as they work together to shine the spotlight on untapped talent in every facet of the industry.

The goal is to give new writers the chance to pair up with up and coming on-screen talent as well as more experienced performers in order to discover the gems of the bunch who deserve much-needed exposure and mentorship.

BBC Three plans to switch from TV to an online platform starting in February and already has a slew of programming to help propel its ambitious mission.

Elba’s production company – Green Door Pictures is currently attached to a couple of projects in the pipeline including a new drama Clique – that follows the upheavals of two friends as they begin studies at a University in Edinburgh and a documentary – Black Power – that centers on the ongoing investigation of the U.S. based Ku Klux Klan and Black Panther organizations.

Elba is optimistic and looking forward to partnering with like minds who are also focused on providing an outlet for young talent. The almost forgotten – who may otherwise never get a shot due to circumstances beyond their control.

“I’m looking forward to working with BBC Three and giving new writers a chance to show what they can do”.

This is definitely a smart move and with Elba’s involvement it’s hard to imagine anything deviating from what could end up being quite revolutionary.

Perhaps Will Smith can take a cue from his colleague by putting his production company Overbrook Entertainment into a similar schedule instead of pining over his lost Oscar nomination. Just a thought.