A Bunch of Actresses, Including Queen Latifah, Jessica Chastain Spearheading New Production Company

The issue of diversity in Hollywood has pretty much become a dominant topic of discussion in 2016, despite the fact this isn’t necessarily a recent development. But for reasons that could be rooted in the stimulus of social media – there has been a continuum which has led to an active need by members of the privileged community to put actions behind their words.

Selma’s Ava DuVernay decided to use her entry card into the pillars of Hollywood to establish Array, an independent film distribution company that is dedicated to celebrating and providing ample exposure to films by people of color and women. A worthy mission when you consider the dismal numbers that prove the underrepresentation of this varied group in the graph of an industry that still regulates on a very white male principle.
The need to shift the movement towards a more progressive path is spreading like a virus as evident in the announcement that a new nonprofit – We Do It Together – has been founded to help provide the financial assistance needed to produce films, documentaries, TV and other varying spectrums of media that are geared towards uplifting the spirit of women by providing a more positive platform that is immersed in empowerment.
The advisory board reads like a cast from a film we would all pay to see – Jessica Chastain, Juliette Binoche, Frieda Pinto, Queen Latifah and Zhang Ziyi or among the actresses who’ve committed to the mission statement. Amma Asante who directed the critically acclaimed Belle and most recently A United Kingdom, starring David Oyelowo and Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike, is also a member of the board..
We Do It Together hopes to begin the process of ushering in an era that will facilitate projects aimed at making an impact for women who are interested in creating and viewing content that veers away from stereotypical fare by choosing to embrace a more well-rounded and realistic approach.
The organization is hoping to get funding in typical fashion – from grants, government supply, interested corporations who are willing to invest and individuals with big hearts and deep pockets.
There is also confirmation that the first film the company unleashes will be announced at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.