Jeb Bush Finally Ends Torturous Bid For the White House

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush officially ended his bid for the White House on Saturday after a torturous and disappointing outing, that started off with lofty goals and aspirations and ended with the thunderous roar of defeat, as it became glaring evident that the son and brother of two former presidents wasn’t in any shape to wrestle with the worst of them.


Bush, 63, delivered his bow out speech with a mixed bag of emotions as he detailed his commitment to maintaining his ground as the politician he was revered for while he was still the governor of Florida. He also made it clear that his campaign was always focused on adhering to the standards necessary to ensure a unified nation.

But as the polls documented, Bush’s blueprint never quite resonated with voters and as a result, his ranking plunged to embarrassing lows with the latest numbers from Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, revealing that that the former governor either needed a miracle or an escape route.

There is no doubt that his familial legacy dealt a harder blow to his campaign – perhaps even more so than initially expected. Coupled with that was Bush’s inability to stand out and speak up when occasions warranted it. His handling of whether or not his older brother’s decision to invade Iraq was ill advised didn’t help matters as he sheepishly shuffled his answers in a way that convinced observers that this wasn’t a man that could be trusted to make life-altering decisions in any capacity.

Bush also didn’t possess the coping mechanisms needed to thwart mogul-turned- national bully – Donald Trump’s destructively calculating plan to humiliate the fumbling politician whenever he could.

The traveling circus of misfits that have dominated the circuit since the race commenced have left many wondering how the landscape of American politics could have ushered in such a blighted road to the highest honor in the land.

Clearly Jeb Bush suffered from the disadvantages of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. His well-intended offering for a better America sounded promising but with so much to contend with – including the disappointing turn of events that pitied him against Marco Rubio, who he once took under his wing – and ended up having to denounce after Rubio ruthlessly surpassed him in the polls and chided him for him it – there was no way Bush could ignore the pillars of hope that were falling around him.

“Low-energy” or not, Jeb Bush didn’t seem like a man on a mission, but rather a well dressed representative of an era that many don’t recall fondly. Considering the mountain of reasons why the defeated politician would have been working harder than his rivals to convince Americans that his ties to two past presidents were no hindrance to his ambitious campaign – Bush came off as woefully complacent and detrimentally ill-equipped for the monstrous task at hand.

So, another Bush bites the dust – even before it settles and while many will continue to analyze the reasons why long after the election season is over – Barbara Bush’s remarks last summer before her son weakly announced his desire to run provided the perfect summation of why failure was inevitable – “We’ve had enough Bushes”.

Sounds about right.