Sanaa Lathan Pilot ‘Shots Fired’ from Fox, Set To Air in 2016

Actress Sanaa Lathan is teaming up with her Love and Basketball director Gina Prince-Blythewood for a police procedural series titled, Shots Fired which will air on Fox sometime in 2016.
Empire executive producer, Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment is also attached to the project and will serve as executive producers alongside Prince-Blythewood and her husband , Reggie Prince-Blythewood.

Lathan, who was cast in the lead role back in October will play a top-notch investigator who is assigned with the formidable task of solving a highly-charged case that has a small town in Tennessee under lock down due to the racial elements involved.
An African-American cop shoots and kills a white teen and the aftermath of the tragedy draws in Lathan’s character who is paired with an out-of-town prosecutor from the Department of Justice, who is sent to assist with the investigation.
The storyline will hinge on the two main characters trying to keep their head above water in the midst of the chaos that erupts from the media attention the case garners.
This should be a valuable addition to Fox’s roster of entries – particularly because of the timely subject matter given the fact that racially-charged crimes are currently at an all-time high across the nation.
This is definitely one to keep an eye out of for.