‘Creed’ Grips Philadelphia Box Office with Massive Opening

Creed is the film that is dominating social media, as users who made the trek to the theaters this holiday weekend have nothing but awesome things to report.

creed-large (1)

Critics have also heaped praises on the offshoot from the iconic Rocky franchise that centered on Philly native and boxer, Rocky Balboa – the beloved comeback kid, played reverently by Sylvester Stallone who through the films that spanned decades – gave the “City of Brotherly Love” national attention and adulation.

The spirit of Rocky Balboa was such an immense influence that the city prominently features the statue of the fighter in battle mode – that was constructed for Rocky III and donated by Stallone as a symbol of the hard working class population that is synonymous with the culture of Philadelphia.

This deeply layered relationship between the city and the character of Rocky has been attributed to the incredible success Creed experienced at the box office this weekend as audiences flocked in droves to see the next chapter in Rocky Balboa’s life as he is faced with the task of grooming the son of his former foe Apollo Creed, played by standout Michael B. Jordan for a shot at the title.

Creed, which also stars Selma’s Tessa Thompson, and is helmed by Ryan Coogler who also cast Jordan as the lead in 2013’s sleeper hit Fruitvale station – is exceeding expectations in cities that have a healthy concentration of Hispanics and African-Americans, namely, Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston.

Undoubtedly the positive reviews and word of mouth are helping to enhance its marketability. The film is also expected to be part of the itinerary during the upcoming award season.