Vin Diesel, Tyrese, Pay Their Respects to Paul Walker, Two Years After Tragic Death

It’s hard to believe its been two years since Fast and Furious star Paul Walker perished in a car crash along with his friend Roger Rodas after the two attended a charity event sponsored by their company, Always Evolving.


Walker was on break from filming the seventh installment of the juggernaut franchise when the tragedy occurred and his death forced production to halt indefinitely.

But after months of deliberation the grief-stricken cast and crew with the approval and assistance of the late actor’s family decided to complete the film in his honor. Younger siblings Caleb and Cody stood in for their late brother by acting as body doubles while the brilliance of CGI did the rest.

Furious 7 opened in April 2015 and raced to box office glory with a victorious outing that surpassed all expectations and shattered records.

It was a beautiful send-off for Walker who had spent over a decade playing good-cop-gone-bad, Brian O’Connor.

His sudden death has been especially hard on his cast mates who as evidenced through the catalogue of media events both on camera and off, saw Walker as a family member.

Each of them has documented the trial and tribulations of losing someone they grew to love and care about deeply via social media and this 2nd anniversary of his death is no exception.

Tyrese Gibson who was introduced to Walker when they starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious took to Instagram Monday morning and posted a picture of the two road dogs on the Atlanta set of Furious 7. Gibson once again reiterated his struggle to come to terms with his departed friend’s absence and asked fans to continue to pray for Walker’s family and friends.


Actor Vin Diesel whose character Dom Torreto always challenged Brian O’Connor to “Ride or Die” has been quite open and vocal about the pain stemming from his “brother’s” death. Diesel even named his newborn daughter, Pauline – in honor of Walker.

The actor remembered his fallen comrade with a message on Facebook, “No matter where you are in the universe…You will always be my brother”.

Even though Walker died two years ago – the beloved golden-haired and blue-eyed surfer’s popularity has risen as inconsolable fans seem to be holding on to whatever they can to keep his star from dimming.

Another reason for Walker’s consistent appeal can be attributed to his charity – Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) an organization he founded with a handful of friends back in 2009 with the mandate of being first responders dispatched to areas that have been riddled by natural disasters as a way to provide immediate assistance to victims that are typically hard to reach.

Cody Walker – stepped in and assumed the reigns after his brother’s death and remarkably the organization has not only been thriving but continues to honor the legacy of its founder.

Walker’s daughter and only child, Meadow Walker also found a way to pay homage to her late father. This past September on what would have been Walker’s 42nd birthday, the 17-year-old announced the initiation of The Paul Walker Foundation – which she created to help celebrate her father’s relentless love of the ocean while also recognizing and rewarding the young generation of marine life supporters.

Paul Walker may no longer be amongst us but the life he led and the people he touched are allowing his spirit to flourish without hindrance. And that’s the biggest accomplishment anyone can hope for.