Shonda Rhimes Says “Yes” For a Whole Year And Life Happily Obliges

Shonda Rhimes seems like the woman who has it all – thanks to her ever-evolving Shondaland – a paradise created for the sheer purpose of providing an endless array of pure delight for fans who can’t seem to get enough of the TGIT lineup branded by a creator who knows exactly what it takes to her make her loyal subscribers blissfully sedated.


But remarkably enough, Rhimes was failing miserably when it came to providing herself that same level of fulfillment. In her best-selling memoir, Year of Yes, the most successful showrunner in the business admits that back in 2013 after tossing an turning in bed – she was faced with the realization that despite all her success she was in fact quite “miserable”.


Rhimes recalls that she always harbored a sunny disposition and was stunned to be faced with a feelings that were not resonating with her usual disposition, “I used to be a really happy person. A vibrant person”. “I may have been shy and introverted but I had rowdy, fun crowd of friends, some of whom I’d since college and, with them around me, I was dance-on-thetables-Shonda, drive-to-New-Orleans-at-a-moment’s-notice Shonda, adventurous and always up for anything Shonda. Where did she go?”

Her sister ended up being the one to help Rhimes find her way back to salvation when she chided her for her inability to surrender to the unknown by just simply saying, “Yes”.

That was basically all it took to rescue Rhimes from herself and so on her birthday, Jan. 13 2014, she made a pledge to herself and her girlfriends that she would say “Yes to anything and everything that scares me. For a whole year. Or until I get scared to death and you have to bury me. Ugh”.

Her commitment turned out to be the best thing she ever did and she is still reaping the rewards. Not only did she shed much needed pounds, she recently flexed her acting muscles for Mindy Kaling, and finally owned the right to unapologetically remain unmarried despite her “advancing” age.

But most importantly she has unlocked the door that leads to endless growth and possibilities by utilizing the power of uttering “Yes” instead of cowering to the limiting tendencies of “No”.

She reiterates, “ Saying no was my own slow form of suicide…I don’t want to be done with my Year of Yes. I am a work in progress. I can’t stop now”.

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