Bobbi Kristina Discovered Unconscious In a Bathtub By Hubby Nick Gordon

We are approaching the third anniversary of singer Whitney Houston’s tragic death and the breaking news regarding daughter Bobbi Kristina is an eerie reminder of how her mother was found the day she died.


Houston was discovered unresponsive in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton – her death was as a result of years of drug abuse that had taken its toll.

Bobbi Kristina was under major scrutiny following her mother’s controversial episode as rumors of drug use swirled around her coupled by her estranged relationship with her grandmother, Cissy Houston and her ill-advised appearance on Lifetime’s The Houstons: On Our Own.

And her surprise marriage to Nick Gordon last year only escalated her ability to negatively dominate the headlines. Despite the naysayers, Whitney Houston’s sole heir always managed to let the criticisms roll off her back.

But perhaps there was a reason to be skeptical because it has been reported that her husband who successfully revived her as they waited for help to arrive found her unconscious in a bathtub.

Bobbi Kristina is currently stabilized after doctors were able to restore her vital signs. Of course it’s great news that she didn’t suffer the same fate as her mother but the road ahead seems to paved with question marks.