Serena Williams Defeats Maria Sharapova and Claims the Australian Open

Tennis can only be a fascinating sport if the players allow for that level of reverie. All time champion Serena Williams, 33, who has enjoyed a consistently brilliant career has managed to amass a roster of successes that continue to form the collage of what will undoubtedly be a formidable legacy.


Williams is back on the scene after a stunning match against Maria Sharapova that ended in her victory. The younger and most aggressive sister has made history with her 19th Grand Slam title, which puts her ahead of legends Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert.

Winning the Australian Open is awesome enough but what is even more remarkable is the fact that Williams has managed to crush Sharapova a total of 16 times since 2004, which is pretty impressive when you consider she ranks number two in the world.

Her big win wasn’t an easy feat as Williams struggled through the first set due to the fact that she was feeling quite ill – and even had to excuse herself from the court in order to vomit. But despite that setback, she refused to give into to her plight and instead channeled all her energy into keeping Sharapova nervously flailing and her strategy worked.

By no means was the match completely one-sided but Williams was the dominating factor as her opponent expertly tried to keep up.

In the end – the best player won and the defeated Sharapova gracefully toasted her loss and the woman who refuses to back down, “I’ve mot beaten her for a long time, but I love every time I play her as she is the best and you want to play against the best”.