Cover Trends: Naomi Campbell and Madonna Fearlessly Claim Their Diva Status


Naomi Campbell is the one constant in an industry that thrives strictly on ideal shallowness and extreme youth. The 43-year-old supermodel has experienced the highs and lows that come with her very demanding profession and even though she hasn’t always been graceful under fire, Campbell has been blessed with an enviably thriving career and a body and face that only the gods could have ordained.




So far she has managed to keep up the momentum, by gracing the global runways with her stunning presence. Now she is working with Net-a-Porter to showcase her fabulous template draped in pieces that will make you beg for frigid temps!  She shared her most innermost thoughts during her interview with the magazine by divulging interesting facts like her love for Pilates, her routine leading up to a show which includes a 10 day cleanse, and explaining why she believes the fashion world is inherently racist.

Campbell is a force to be reckoned with and she is clearly still riding the tidal wave that shows no signs of subsiding.

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Another riveting female warrior is Superstar Madonna. The Hung Up songstress gave Harper’s Bazaar access to all the things that make her tick; both past and present. She candidly described the transition phase that helped transform Madonna Louise Ciccone from the plains of Detroit, MI to the mascot of the Big Apple.



We already knew that Madonna’s exploratory path to greatness didn’t come at a small price but we had no idea that there were times when the stakes were way  too high. She delves into the horrific details of the vicious attack she suffered atop a rooftop building in NYC. She was still a new resident and despite being battered and bruised from being raped, she never reported the incident. She chose to channel her energy towards being one of the most dominant and powerful women in the world.

It paid off! Now Madonna is reveling in her diva status and her much younger boy toy, which she totally deserves when you consider all the hours she has put in perfecting her blueprint.

She looks impossibly chic on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and the spread inside the magazine is just as amazing.

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