Trendy Report: Sinead O’Connor Wants Miley Cyrus to Keep Her Pants On


What we ever do without Twitter? We would be bored out of our minds and fantasizing about how cool it would be to be able to have access to a tool that enables us to have front row seats to celebrity rumbles.



Irish crooner Sinead O’Connor took it upon herself to extend a heartfelt plea to Miley Cyrus who thanks to her acrobatic performance at the MTV Music Awards last month has more than earned her title as America’s Most Wanted.



O’Connor, who has had her share of public meltdowns including dramatically shredding a picture of the Pope on national television had a lot to say, and it all seemed to revolve around the fact that the industry uses artists for their youth and sex appeal and then discards them once they’ve had their fill.

There is no doubt that this is an accurate statement, but it’s also not necessarily a shocking revelation. Obviously the entertainment business is solely focused on marketing the most viable brands because they have to make loads of money, which means that whatever they decide to invest in has to pay off in a big way.

There is a reason why artists likeEstelle who happens to be a brilliantly talented artist isn’t dominating the covers of major publications the way  some of her counterparts do on a weekly basis. Sex sales. It always has and always will and the only way to secure your place in the fleeting world of fame is to strike while the iron is hot.

O’Connor ranted heavily about the fact that Cyrus’ provocative choices are setting the stage for an inevitable backlash that could prove fatal in more ways than one.

She does have a point but again, its pretty common knowledge that signing on the dotted lines in order to be under the tutelage of powerful investors who have your destiny in their hands demands a level of compromise which could lead to inheriting a certain kind of image.

Cyrus is a 20-year-old star on a global scale and she is clearly indulging her experimental phase like most twentysomethings tend to do but in her case she has access to the sophisticated tools that enable her to turn up the volume as high as it can go. And so far, she has managed to drown out a lot of her competitors but the end result is that apparently everyone wants to save Miley Cyrus from herself; everyone except the ones closest to her.

As expected Cyrus didn’t receive her cheat sheet on how not to become an industry whore graciously and proceeded to mock O’Connor’s good intentions by reminding the twitterverse that the messenger had and continues to have mental challenges which makes her unfit to dole out any advice or to be taken seriously.

Cyrus is entitled to her opinion, plus it’s understandable for anyone to react defensively after being called out in such an emphatic way. But did she have to resort to the overplayed Amanda Bynes reference?

We always hear that if you dish it out then you must be able to take it and this is an adage that Cyrus needs to become acquainted with if she plans on continuing her controversial pursuits.

In the meantime the All Things Miley train is chugging along.