Trendy TV Report: Syfy’s Sharknado is Back for a Rippin’ Good Time!

Who would have guessed that Sharknado,  a TV show about tornados filled with hungry man-eating sharks terrorizing LaLa Land would appeal to the masses? Even after downing an impressive number of tequila shots, I still wouldn’t have been inclined to believe that such a concept would garner a healthy following. First off, the idea of sharks twirling with mercilessly erupted tornadoes has disaster plastered all over it.


Then you couple that with the fact the main cast are a bevy of entertainers who can be easily classified as “The Valley of the Has-Beens”. Once somewhat successful, but never quite made it to the finish line. But that might actually be the reason why Syfy’s latest gem is fast becoming a cult favorite.

If you are going to have a show that offers a synopsis that is ludicrously delightful, you might as well populate it with actors that fit the bill. In this case, the casting directors definitely went out of their way to fulfill their quota. Let’s face it, the Syfy channel isn’t known for award-winning programming or showcasing up and coming talent, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not everyone craves first-class entertainment, and even less are able to deliver. So, for those of you who aren’t choosey or snobbish when it comes to your viewing habits, you may just get swept away by this latest craze.

If you dare to step into the danger zone, be prepared to watch Tara Reid, Vivica Fox, Ian Ziering, Kari Wuhrer, and Mark McGrath battle the elements with the aid of CGI, that in this case manages to make every scene look morbidly tacky.

It is also worth noting that Reid, 38, who thankfully after years of embarrassingly flailing in the public eye has finally found her calling, is the youngest cast member. Ziering and Fox just recently turned fifty and the rest of them are dangerously close. There is something almost endearing about the fact that despite being “over-the-hill” by Hollywood standards, they have all been given a chance to reclaim the spotlight, even if the circumstances are less than righteous. Beggars can’t be choosers and it’s pretty obvious that they have accepted the consequences of what they signed up for, and considering the only other option is continued obscurity, their attachment to this project makes all the sense in the world.

Sharknado’s overnight success last summer spurned a second installment that makes it debut on July 30, and this time New York will be the target. There is even talk of a Sharknado 3 if things continue to head in the right direction.


Meanwhile the cast got to flex their muscles for GQ magazine, where they divulged tips for surviving a sharknado, should one ever occur. As expected Reid had the most animated answer, which confirms what we already suspected about her.

Nevertheless, it’s mighty hard not to be wee bit curious about this proposed phenomenon. But don’t expect to see legit stars popping up anytime soon, no matter how many of these are doled out. Only the desperate and the more desperate will be accepted.