Trendy Notes: Arian Simone Is A Woman On A Mission


The Life with Vision Event that I covered back in June was an amazingly dynamic initiative spurned on my media maven Bevy Smith who decided that she wanted to create an outlet that would celebrate accomplished and ambitious women in a fabulous way.

Her mission was accomplished at the June 30th inaugural fiesta in New York City and the train is still chugging along with stops in Charlotte, North Carolina and a future embankment is scheduled for Los Angeles next month.

The aim of Life with Vision is to develop a fellowship with likeminded visionaries who share the same hopes and expectations for the future.

I have covered my encounters with the a couple of amazing women I met who inspired me in ways that led to a documentation of our encounters. Of course this delightful thread has led to more dialogue and introductions. I had he pleasure of connecting with Niajee Ervin; a fellow visionary who is a New York based Pubic Relations Assistant. Niajee wanted me to introduce Detroit based Arian Simone, whose story encompasses everything Life with Vision embodies.

Simone had a rough start and a tumultuous journey when she moved to LA to pursue in dreams. She was homeless at one point and rather than succumb to her desperate plight she decided to turn her misfortune into something positive by persevering and using her God-given talents to her advantage.

The results have been rewarding when you consider that she is now a full fledged entrepreneur as CEO pf Arian Simone Enterprises, and publisher of her very own publication titled Fearless, which she founded as a way to honor other brave souls who like her turned a helpless situation into something credible.

She is also a PR whiz who has managed to parlay her skills in a way that has made her the IT girl in the celebrity world. She has staged high-profile parties and promotional appearances for stars like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards. She is also responsible for promotional work for films like Sparkle, Quantum of Solace, Hancock, Step Up 2 and Stomp The Yard.

Her amazingly brazen and forward thinking instincts have paid off in a big way, garnering the right kind of attention. She was recently featured in Ebony Magazine as one of the top 30 business leaders under 30.

This Florida A&M University graduate is deeply religious and relies on her devotion to God whenever she considers any life altering decision. It’s this unrelenting faith that has allowed her to make way for philanthropic avenues. She’s the Founder and Executive Director of Live Your Dreams Foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages the youths of today to be all they can by pursuing their passions without limits.

Simone has also started a beauty line that consists of luscious products that are concocted to meet all your needs in a reliable way.

Arian Simone is a true example of what it means to be YOUNG, GIFTED and BLACK. Nina Simone couldn’t have said it better!

I am so excited to be able to feature her as an offspring of my entanglement with Bevy Smith’s Life with Vision forum!

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