Trendy Fashion Report: Michelle Obama is Vogue Magazine’s Latest Cover Girl…Again


First Lady Michelle Obama has proven that the second time around is arguably the sweetest! Her hubby, President Barack Obama just celebrated an unprecedented victory by defeating Republican contender Mitt Romney in a race that was too close for comfort.



During the whirlwind of conventions and intense campaigning, The President’s better half remained fashionably poised and refreshingly accessible. Each outfit highlighted her mantra of remaining comfortably chic and stylishly conscious and this was consistently echoed throughout the process right up until the victory lap.

It only makes sense that Vogue would come calling again. As springtime beckons, we can’t think of a better mascot to help usher in the season of rejuvenation and true beginnings. The First Lady is without a doubt the most engaging and interactive compared to her predecessors, thanks to her goal-oriented initiatives, which include her tireless efforts to help eradicate childhood obesity and providing a public platform for men and women of the armed forces. She is also not shy about displaying her aptitude for dancing and if you need her to make a last minute appearance at the Academy Awards telecast, she is ready and willing.

Bottom line – She is the hippest First Lady ever! And the fact that she is the first African-American woman to hold that title is historically significant, and she has done a magnificent job surpassing all the high expectations that came with her anointing. That’s a feat she definitely shares with the President, a man who rose to prominence in an almost biblical way, and who never misses an opportunity to vocalize how lucky he is to have his beloved wife at his side through the good and challenging times.

Michelle Obama is also a mother to two girls, Malia, 15 and Sasha 12, and as we have watched them grow before our eyes, it is quite obvious that despite the chaotic energy surrounding their vibrant household, they still remain the focal point of their parent’s priorities. President Obama dutifully makes it home for dinner at 6:30pm, come rain or shine.

By example, the First Family should serve as an example of what we as citizens should aspire to, and even though it has taken centuries, we think the country finally got it right!

Check out some of the pics of the First Lady at her best! And for more on the Obamas, click here.