Trendy Pop: Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson Are Coupling Up


Twitter has become the epicenter of announcements, declarations and unabashed rants. Its all very entertaining and informative. Mags no longer need spies to do their dirty work because celebs are taking matters into their own hands by sounding the alarm.


Lady Gaga did just that when she revealed on Christmas Day that she will be collaborating with famed American fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

Considering that both Gaga and Richardson have a penchant for pushing the envelope by using their artistic endeavors to instigate strong emotions, we can only imagine what their next project will unearth.

It looks like a documentary on Gaga’s vibrantly theatrical life is in the works and of course her upcoming album Artpop, is still undergoing surgical perfection. If anyone were qualified enough to create an undiluted collage of The Born This Way songstress’ creative process it would be Terry Richardson. As an underground and consistently rebellious artist, Richardson has established a career based on his hunger and exploration of subject matters that don’t necessarily fit neatly in the mold that the common folk have created. His sexually explicit photographs have made him a favorite ingredient for the controversial soup pot.

It was only a matter of time that these two would find each other and now that they have Gaga’s little monsters are waiting with bated breath to see the illuminous results of this most immaculate coupling.