Trendy Fashion Report: Selfridges Introduces Nigerian Fashion Initiative, Ndani


The fashion initiative in the form of Ndani has been enthusiastically admitted into the decked out halls of one of the most luxuriously decadent shopping meccas in the world – London’s Selfridges.


This is an attempt to continue the global domination and willing succumb to the epidemic that has befallen the fashion world at large. Thanks to the remedial roster of profoundly talented Nigerian designers who are fast becoming household names in an industry that is constantly plagued by an erratic climate; Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel by Lisa, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Odio Mimonet and Tiffany Amber are presently reaping the rewards of their gorgeously laborious lookbooks. They are most certainly paving the way for other less recognizable names that are not too far behind, who have also earned a spot in the much-publicized pop up venture; Agu Anumudu and House of Silk’s head designer Jennifer Adighije will finally have their turn in the spotlight.

The store has been strategically straddled with the pulse of a culture that radiates intense vibrancy and an alluring heritage.

The pieces are all threaded by a swooping commonality that rests on the glaring fundamentals, immaculate tailoring, delicately orchestrated silhouettes and lavishly embedded hues off shooting patterns and prints in waves of exuberance.

It is definitely a showstopper and a worthy excursion; so if you happen to be in Londontown, pencil it in.

Ndani, the Nigerian Fashion Project at Selfridges will continue it’s run until January 2nd.