Trendy Fashion Report: PFW – Saint Laurent RTW Spring 2015

Hedi Slimane erected another mind-altering show for the lucky ones who got another opportunity to be seduced by the ensuing pieces that filtered through the runway unscathed.



It was a delightful mix of naughty little numbers mixed with somber tones and varied prints that left just about enough for the imagination. Slimane’s tidings for Saint Laurent have always been tempered around the sheer joy of retro madness. This time the mood was edgier and borderline vulgar as the extreme was celebrated and revered with specks of inherent sensuality. It was just the reassurance we need that being a girl can translate into various compartments that don’t always have to fit in nicely with the subjective crowd.

Jackets galore particularly motorcycle jackets were delivered with astute virility, which heightened the appeal. Yes, we know the security that comes with mixing and matching but somehow Slimane presents it in ways that evoke our imagination all over again.

That’s why we need that reminder that no matter how many times we are stunned, there is still capacity for more.