Trendy Spotlight: Chaka Khan


We always like to pay homage to the women who helped shape the past so that we can enjoy a richer more fulfilling present. This encompasses all the genres, music, film, literature and any other outlet that is constantly evolving.


Sometimes these veterans take a back seat so the younger generation can have the space they need to spread their wings. But they do eventually re-surface and we have to say that its always a pleasure to see them looking FAB!

Songstress Chaka Khan has been making the rounds and increasing her visibility since the start of the year. It is obvious she is not allowing middle age to cramp her style. Neither is she succumbing to the sometimes debilitating effects of diabetes. Kudos to her for embracing a healthier lifestyle, it certainly agrees with her!

At 59 years old, the former Rufus frontwoman, is proving that she is really Every Woman.