Trendy Fashion Report: Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Couture 2012

Amy Winehouse was not just a musical genius but also a budding fashion icon and uber designer Jean Paul Gaultier decided to take full advantage of his admiration for the late singer by borrowing substantially from the rich legacy she left behind.

The first major clue was the sea of beehives that dominated the catwalk and then came the familiar tunes playing in the background that for that moment in time became the fabric of our lives. As an impromptu version of Rehab swooned in the background, models strutted their stuff showing off pieces that were both lively and sensually contagious. The normal staples were on display, including a variety of colorful body conscious fanfare thanks to the dominant theme of corsets and streamlined skirts. The fabrics were rich and deeply immersed in strong bold hues that encouraged a certain level of dramatics to give the collection its full recognition.

Some saw it as bad taste that Winehouse was being used as a facilitator in the wake of her recent and particularly tragic passing, but art is something to be celebrated and revered, and Gaultier couldn’t have a chosen a more worthy subject for inspiration.

The proof is in the pudding, and the end results provide satisfactory testimony that Jean Paul Gaultier and Amy Winehouse really do make beautiful music together.