Margin Call Tries to Rise to The Occasion

First time director J.C. Chandor must have had a premonition because his new flick, Margin Call that boasts an all-star cast, from Demi Moore to Kevin Spacey, is opening at a critical time.

. A time when the masses are questioning why the economic crisis that held us hostage for so long is not improving and corporate greed is still at an all time high.

The thriller shows the chaotic circumstances that unfold at a New York based investment firm in 2008, just when the economic turmoil began unfolding. Zachary Quinto plays the role of an analyst who gets an early inkling of what is about to go down and the fact that the firm is in danger of losing a considerable amount of its assets. And of course the battle of good vs. evil ensues as the executives desperately try to eat their cake and have it too. Should they do the right thing by protecting and securing their clients’ financial security, or jump ship and take advantage of the situation by allowing the aftermath to work to their benefits? It’s a conundrum that still hasn’t been eradicated. Now fast forward to 2011 and there isn’t any comfort or trust in a system being manned by bank executives who were supposed to play by the rules and not manipulate them to fit their own design and feed their unrelenting greed.

The movie has received mixed reviews, mostly because it doesn’t truly address or dissect the uneven pieces of the puzzle. The characters played quite effectively by a stellar cast including, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, and Simon Baker, are not necessarily sympathetic and basically exude the typical nonchalant and gracelessness that is to be expected considering the environment and the players. Nobody will find solace or any redeeming qualities after viewing this film. And the fact that the dilemma is still as fresh as it was three years ago and the wounds have not healed makes this topic even more torturous.

It would be a good idea to refrain from making films that hit too close to home until a resolution has been embraced and the future looks somewhat brighter.