Amanda de Cadenet and Demi Moore Invite Viewers To Join the Conversation

This spring, Lifetime Television will debut a new series that will feature some of the most daring and fascinating women entertainers in the business.


The Conversation, executive produced by Demi Moore and Amanda de Cadenet, will provide the perfect balance between light-hearted talk and inspirational revelations shared among professional and successful women in different stages of the career and lives.

De Cadenet came up with the idea based on her hectic daily schedule that involves juggling motherhood and a demanding job. She wondered if other women in the media spotlight could relate and possibly share their own observations and opinions on universal topics like body image, relationships, health, etc.

The Conservation was born out of that need to bond, encourage and enlighten. And judging from the guests that will be stopping by, Donna Karan, Jane Fonda, Diane von Furstenberg and Lady Gaga, to name a few, The Conversation is guaranteed to flow without any threat of awkward silences.