Baby Onboard! Bridget Jones is Back!

The last time we saw Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger), more than a decade ago – she was riding off into the sunset with her dashing gent, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).
But it looks like as with everything in life, nothing seems to last forever. Fast forward to the present and we are reuniting with the beloved character who is not only expecting a baby at the age of 43 – but is also caught in the chaos of “baby daddy” drama.

Enter the crazy rich boyfriend Jack Quant played by franchise newcomer, Patrick Dempsey who may or may not be the father based on the wobbly relationship he has with the self-described “wanton sex goddess”.
And of course we can’t discount the possibility that Mr. Darcy could very well win back the heart of the woman who once shamelessly served him blue colored soup.
The very attractive trio are on the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly and if we dare say, life has obviously been good to Bridget Jones as she beams with expectation next to her men in question.
While speaking to EW, the actress who gifted us with the delightfully whimsical Ms. Jones is obviously quite happy to be back in familiar territory – especially when it entails revealing the complexities that come with being a middle-aged woman, tossed in unexpected circumstances.
“This is part of the new challenge, discovering where she is now in her new life”. “But as an actress, it feels like stepping back with an old friend. I love this character. I like that she tells stories about what it’s like to be a woman and these really relatable situations at certain times in life”.
We can’t wait to witness the misadventures of Bridget Jones – unfortunately we have to wait until Sept. 16 2016 for Bridget Jones’ Baby to hit theaters – but something tells us that it’ll be worth the wait.