Cover Trends: ‘Felicity’, ‘Bring It On’ and ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Resurrected For Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly is going back in time and if you can believe it the 90’s can now be categorized as the ultimate “time warp”.

Seems like just yesterday when Cheers was the show of the moment and Wilson Phillips captivated us with their chart topping hit – Hold On. The year that ushered in these treats was 1990 – the same year that birthed the top entertainment magazine in the industry.


In honor of the quarter-century anniversary – the annual Reunion Issue has assembled the major players of an era that was devoid of the tentacles of Reality TV and The Kardashians. A time when storytelling in its best form was unleashed for our viewing pleasure and we responded accordingly.


40 years ago – The Rocky Horror Picture Show landed on the big screen and literally re-constructed everything we believed in by introducing us to a vibrantly erected world that shattered the boring familiar. And then there is the gang from Bring It On that gave us reason to cheer 15 years ago – and is the single reason why the Pitch Perfect franchise is thriving today.

Back in 1982 – Family Ties unleashed Alex Keaton into our world and we loved every ounce of his infectious ambition and the loved ones who observed with hilarious caution.

But the ultimate fave for us has to be Felicity – the show that was known for Keri Russell’s effortless curls and the hard to resist man candy that paraded around her while she astutely pursued her education and anything but dull love life. Back in 1998, that was enough to keep us glued to the screen.

The landscape has obviously changed a ton but we will never a time when we were able to lose ourselves in scripted reverie without the diversion of orchestrated mayhem.

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