Prince’s Sister Confirms He Didn’t Leave a Will and Paisley Park will be a Museum for Fans

Less than a week since the tragic and sudden death of cultural and pop icon – Prince – expected updates have been logged in – though the exact cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

What can be accepted as fact is that the Purple Rain singer was cremated right after his body was released following a scheduled autopsy. A private memorial service was held this past weekend and attended by close friends and family including his long time collaborator, Sheila E.


But as with most wealthy celebs that pass away unexpectedly – the business of tackling massive assets can be a daunting one in the best of circumstances but when there are no legal binding instructions left behind as a guiding compass – the challenges of dutifully sifting through pending assignments can be almost outrageous.

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson who happens to share the same mother and father as the late artist filed papers on Tuesday – asking a Minneapolis court to take the necessary steps to appoint a qualified administrator to help secure the future of her brother’s estate.

Nelson confirmed that Prince did not leave a will, which poses an issue when you consider the impressive fortune he amassed in his lifetime and will continue to initiate even after his death.

There is no definite amount that been offered as an estimate but the global superstar bequeathed the labels he worked for with millions of dollars in sales – not to mention profits from his lucrative concert events.

His passing has also sparked an increased interest in his music catalogue as evident in the surge in sales prompted by distraught fans and new followers. In just three days, sales have totaled a staggering $2.3 million.

As, the deceased icon’s sister goes about the business of wrapping up his affairs – she is also tending to the future.

It was just announced that Paisley Park – the compound that housed the studio and residence of the proud Minnesotan will be converted into a full fledged homage to the late musician.

Prince’s brother-in-law, Maurice Phillips explained what the ambitious venture will entail and the inspiration behind it – “We will turn Paisley Park into a museum in Prince’s memory. It would be for the fans. He was al about the fans – this would remember his music, which is his legacy”.

The conversion of Paisley Park sounds like the same transformation that gave life to Graceland – a thriving national treasure in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee that serves as the alter of worship of another beloved cultural giant – Elvis Presley.

As fans and loved ones await the results of the autopsy test – the last weeks of Prince’s life indicate that he may have succumbed to the effects of his dependency on prescription pills which he relied on to relieve the pain from hip replacement surgery back in 2010.

In the meantime his legacy is all that sustains those he left behind.