Toronto Film Festival 2016 Will Highlight Meteoric Rise of Nollywood

The global appeal of Nollywood has been vastly evident in the industry’s ability to stay loyal to a formula that relies on the spiciness of over-the-top dramatics and Shakespearean fodder to maintain a loyal following while also garnering increasing attention from the expansive industry.

The Toronto Film Festival has announced that this coming September – Nollywood will be the target of choice as filmmakers from Lagos, Nigeria – the hub of all the cinematic magic will be invited to participate in the festival’s City to City showcase.


Cameron Bailey – TIFF’s artistic director – was inspired to add Nollywood to this year’s itinerary of events in recognition of the major boom afforded the Nigerian version of Hollywood – that is quickly proving its ability to be a serious contender in a crowded landscape that is shifting towards ethnic vibrancy.

The roster of directors won’t be divulged until August but the decision to invite the Lagos-based cinema giant was propelled by the fact that Nollywood has amassed a staggering $1 billion profit at the global box office – making it a force that can’t be ignored.

It also proves that the city of Lagos – that has become an irresistible draw for artistic and industry types is ready to assume a new role as one of the preferred destinations for holistic creativity.

Other cities that have been included in City to City – which is currently in its eighth year – London, Tel Aviv, instanbul, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Athens and Seoul all share the ingredients that make them star attractions as reliable backdrops for heightened storytelling.

Nollywood’s well-deserved addition will give those in attendance the opportunity to be exposed to Bailey’s summation of the festival’s latest acquisition, “The city of Fela Kuti’s music has also given birth to one of the world’s most vibrant film industries.”

The 41st Toronto Film Festival is scheduled to begin on Sept. 18 and will conclude Sept. 18.