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Dr. Dre To Star and Produce First Ever Scripted Series For Apple

Dr. Dre and Apple are about to take on a project that will likely catapult their already fruitful working relationship into the stratosphere.
It has been confirmed that the rap veteran and mogul is venturing into original programming by collaborating with music video Paul Hunter – the genius behind some of the most prolific gems dating back to the 90’s, to dole out a six-episode, half-hour show that he will also star in and executive produce.

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Samuel L. Jackson Recalls Being Racially Profiled While Filming ‘Pulp Fiction’

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has enjoyed an amazingly prolific career in Hollywood but as he recalls to Vanity Fair in an article titled: ‘Samuel L. Jackson on Being Black in Hollywood’, his ascent to the top wasn’t an easy ride.

Most who move to La La Land have ingrained tales of the chaos that had to be endured in order to gratify themselves with the validity that comes with being on the list of desired talent that filters through the offices of studio heads and prominent casting directors.


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