Trendy Hottie Thursday! John Boyega Getting Ripped!

Star Wars hottie John Boyega is now a global superstar thanks to the successful relaunch of one of the most lauded franchises in movie history.


Boyega’s casting as Finn, the tormented but astute star trooper caused an immediate uproar based on his ethnicity but the British-Nigerian actor handled the backlash with grace and has now emerged as a hero both on and off screen.


Sure, he’s status in Hollywood has been elevated since he signed on to be a part of the never-ending epic opera, but based on his Instagram post – that’s not the only thing that has improved!

Check out those back muscles! Bogeya appropriately captioned the photo, “VIII” – obviously referencing the upcoming eighth installment that is due for release on December 15, 2017.

In the meantime we can make this our screensaver!