Cover Trends: Viola Davis Is Pure Delight on the Cover of In Style Magazine

Actress Viola Davis sparkles on the cover of the January issue of In Style magazine. Looking absolutely divine with a smile that never fades, and the youthful appeal that is probably attributed to running around with her 5-year-old daughter – it’s hard to believe Davis is fifty years old.


The humble star of ABC’s How to Get Way With Murder admits that the heralded success of the show that has catapulted to superstardom is sometimes a realization that is hard to digest. “I know people always say that I’m a star and a celebrity, but I never feel like one”.

Well, it might be time for her to get used to her high-profile status because everyone has. In the pages of the magazine, Davis is gorgeously decked out in designer duds but the likes of Dries Van Noten, Rochas and Ports 1961.

Davies is also tasked with describing how and why she is very different from her the high-powered and well-dressed Annalise Keating which didn’t seem to be much of a challenge as she swiftly point out that her character is simply more wound up than she is – not to mention helplessly addicted to her career. Davis would much rather pretend to be in a “rocket ship” with her daughter “exploring different planets”.

And instead of sweating it all in the office, the Emmy-award winning actress prefers to indulge in all-day pamper sessions at the spa, “I am addicted to spas”. “If we go to a hotel, we’ll be the only people in that spa for hours. We’ll start at 5 in the morning sometimes”.

Davis is also embracing the aging process with no qualms, which comes from self-acceptance and a healthy of dose of confidence, which comes with getting older, “What’s released me from the fear of aging is self-awareness”.

Judging from the radiance bursting from the cover – it is obvious Davis is wearing her peaceful disposition well.

Click here for the behind-the-scenes photo shoot and more of her interview with In Style.

You can access the digital edition of the new issue on Dec. 11.