Martin Shkreli a.k.a. “Pharma bro” Claims Bernie Sanders is “Too Afraid” to Debate Him

Martin Shkreli who is globally recognized as the official douchebag of 2015 due to his deplorable need to profit from the unfortunate victims of the AIDS virus by charging them $750 a pill when they could easily be paying much less for the life-saving drug which could be accessed for as little as $13 a pill, is attempting to shame heralded politician and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.


During his visit with Fox Business correspondent, Maria Bartiromo, Shrekli went full gangster on Sanders mainly in reaction to the humiliation of having his contributions to the politician’s campaign diverted to a clinic that specializes in the treatment of the life-threatening virus.

Sanders obviously caught wind of the slimy entrepreneur’s questionable operation and wanted to distance his reputation from the filth.

Shkreli who is the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals asserted that if he and Sanders were to engage in a sparing match about pharmaceuticals, he would unquestionably demolish the elder statesman. “I think he’s a demagogue. He’ll say anything to get a vote, and for me to be his piñata is unacceptable”. He went on to describe his assessment to Bartiromo, “I think he has a lot of great ideas…but if he wants to talk about pharmaceuticals he can do that with me. He’s refusing to do that because I think he’s afraid of the issues. I think I’d destroy him in any debate about pharmaceuticals. I don’t think he understands pharmaceuticals at all”.

Interesting. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that Shkreli specializes at using his expertise and wealth to suffocate those who are tragically disadvantaged.

He goes on to claim that he donates an impressive amount of money to various charities, which is basically a tired formula that most in his league utilize.

Check out the full interview below: