John Singleton Teams Up with FX To Produce Early 80’s Drug Drama

Boyz n the Hood director, John Singleton is headed to the small screen and will be joining forces with FX to produce a pilot that he co-wrote with Eric Amadio.


The story will be set in L.A. during the early 80’s a period when crack cocaine became the main currency of the streets. Titled Snowfall, viewers will be exposed to the social and cultural ramifications of the drug infested era that overtook certain parts of Los Angeles, and the consequences will be illustrated through the testimonies of three major characters who eventually intersect due to dramatic circumstances.

Singleton expressed his reasons why the subject matter appealed to him, “I have always been fascinated with that volatile moment in time before crack changed everything.” “It’s a tense, insane and sexy era that touched every aspect of our culture. I couldn’t have better partners for this journey”.

The partnership between Singleton and FX, is definitely warranted especially since the network, known for its edgy offerings had to recently bid farewell to two lucrative staples, Justified and Sons of Anarchy.

Snowfall will begin production this summer and casting is already in progress.