Plastic Surgeons Weigh In: N.Y. Women Want Real, L.A. Women Want Fake

According to recent a piece in the Hollywood Reporter, there is a distinct difference between what women over 40 desire based on which coast they reside in. Author Merle Ginsberg picked the brains (no pun intended) of a handful of plastic surgeons and dermatologists, who are presumably some of the best in their field, and the consensus basically points at the fact that New York women don’t mind looking their age while women from L.A. are terrified and want their predicament drastically rectified.

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This supposedly explains why women over 40 in L.A. tend to look eerily younger while their New York counterparts look respectably enhanced.
The youthful idealism has long been the folly of La La Land, which explains why it’s fondly referred to as “Plastic City”, while New York has the reputation of being the center of major brain activity, hence the reason why women who dwell in The Big Apple tend to be cautious when indulging in cosmetic procedures while in Hollywood, the sky’s the limit, and that sentiment isn’t reserved for career trajectories.
But the good news for older women in L.A. is that based on the analysis of dermatologists like Beverly Hills based Ava Shamban who has seen her fair share of celebrity clients, the Southern California climate blesses its residents with naturally luminous skin that can’t be replicated by women who typically start off their day on a subway platform.

So, take that New Yorkers!