Brian Williams’ Voice Recording for the 9/11 Memorial Museum May Be Changed

IN tSo far, Brian William isn’t having a great start to the year. After admitting that he did in fact embellish is war stories to perpetuate the notion that he was under attack when in reality he never came close t being a casualty, her was put on a six-month leave from his lucrative anchor gig at NBC Nightly New.

Williams from "NBC Nightly News" answers a question during the panel for NBC News at the NBC Universal sessions of the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena

Williams is still on suspension and his replacement Lester Holt may end up staying put, especially since there is no indication that the peacock network is yearning for the triumphant return of the once revered newsman. And now there is even more reason to believe that Williams’ illustrious career is undergoing an imminent deletion.

There are now rumors that he might be replaced as the voice that comes through to visitors who take in the 9/11 Memorial Museum in downtown Manhattan. The recording gives insight into the history of al-Qaida as it pertains to the tragic terrorist attack that brought down the World Trade Center penetrated the Pentagon and led to a plane crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is possible that Williams’ voice recording may be ousted and the museum expectedly refuses to comment.

In the meantime, as the months inch closer to when Williams is scheduled to return to his coveted spot, all eyes will be on deck but until them, his fate continues to be public fodder.