Shonda Rhimes Delivers New Drama – ‘The Catch’ to ABC

Shonda Rhimes has been brewing a new offering for ABC and it will officially join the lineup for the upcoming pilot season.


Rhimes has been a primetime ratings provider for the network ever since she made landfall back in 2005 with her freshman show, Grey’s Anatomy. The hits kept on coming and with every victory, Rhimes proved that Thursday nights was officially Shondaland territory, which gave birth to what is fondly known as TGIT.

The unstoppable machine is now ready to unveil another new drama – The Catch, which will be produced by Rhimes and her partner Betsy Beers.

The main character is a woman whose expertise lies in forensics and being able to uncover fraudulent activity. She will follow the blueprint of delicious complexity as she navigates her career and personal life while also trying to stay ahead of the game. The logline reveals that she has a fiancé who harbors secrets that could collide with her own dishonesty.

Sounds exactly like what we would expect from Rhimes and her team of geniuses and we can’t wait to see which lucky actress gets to join the fold!