Hollywood Wants You To Help Cast the Sony Hack Movie

So, we knew this was inevitable. The drama behind the Sony cyber attack courtesy of the controversial release of The Interview, a film that is sub par at best and shouldn’t have been conceived or produced for so many obvious reasons will eventually be made into a studio blockbuster in the not too distant future.


Nothing has been confirmed yet – but we find it hard to believe that there isn’t a film treatment that hasn’t already undergone the stages of formation.

I mean you can’t make this stuff up. Global espionage, studio heads being reduced to smithereens by their own careless deception and systematic betrayal at the hands of cyber terrorists. Oh, and of course the parade of A-listers who have to endure the ridicule stemming from embarrassing email exchanges that mock their bloated status.

Yes! This is a film that we will pay top dollar to see and if you agree – then you must head to The Hollywood Reporter and help initiate the casting process. It is a fun interactive confection that allows readers to pick who they think will embody the main characters perfectly.

The choices range from Melissa Leo for Amy Pascal to Zach Galifianakis for Seth Rogen, but there are plenty more.

Finally! An opportunity to comically contribute to this still thriving saga.